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No matter what you call yourself…Solo entrepreneur. Solopreneur. Solo professional. Small business owner…If you’re running a small business from home — if you’re working for yourself — by yourself – you’re in the right place!

The success of your business depends on YOU – and that means you need to work as smart as possible each and every day. Elaine Quinn, your small business consultant, is here to help you do that.

Running a Solo Business is Challenging!

Challenges await you at every turn as a solo professional. Whether you’re just starting out or have been on your own for a while, if you don’t have the fundamental skills needed to make the best use of your time and energy, you won’t have the focused clarity needed to concentrate effectively on building and growing your business. It’s the lack of those essential skills that causes so many solopreneurs to fail – or to become overwhelmed by success that they’re not equipped to handle. Don’t let that happen to you!

Elaine Quinn, The Solopreneur Specialist, Has Solutions to Simplify Success!

Achieving success as a solo professional can be complex, including the stresses and struggles of managing your work for a growing client base while continuing to run the other aspects of your business. Elaine offers coaching and consulting services created specifically to help you develop the core skills you need so you’ll be more organized, productive, motivated, and able to attain that delicate balance of work and personal life.

As The Solopreneur Specialist and your small business consultant, Elaine combines the techniques of coaching and consulting to develop tailored solutions that fit your individual solopreneur needs.

Smart Start ™ Program

Elaine’s Smart Start Program is designed for people with marketable skills from previous work, who are new to owning their own business and want to short-cut their learning curve. Is this you?

This program provides personal mentoring and small business consulting as you discover and accomplish the basics of establishing and marketing yourself as a solopreneur. Elaine will help you package your skills and present a strong, professional image in the marketplace right from the start. She’ll teach you how to set goals and priorities and how to improve time management skills. In fact, she’ll help you with every step of starting your own business, sharing not only her own knowledge, but her extensive network of specialists such as attorneys, bookkeepers, web designers, etc. As a result, you’ll save immeasurable time and money versus finding your own way! Don’t waste another minute – contact Elaine and get started!

MASTER ™ Program

Elaine’s MASTER Program is specifically designed to help solopreneurs whose successful businesses have grown beyond what they can handle on their own. They don’t want to become victims of their success! They want individual attention, in-depth collaboration, and maximum accountability. Is this you?

This accelerated coaching and consulting program focuses on six high-impact personal-development skills you need to “master” for success as a solo business owner. Elaine will guide and challenge you to upgrade your skills and fine-tune your business. She’ll show you how to improve time management, how to work more efficiently, and how to turn networking contacts into sources of mutual client referrals.

The MASTER Program is a structured approach to assessing and evaluating your situation, and developing the essential skills that will make you a more effective and efficient solopreneur, including:

  • Motivation
  • Action Habits
  • Self Management
  • Time Management
  • Engaged Networking
  • Referral Source Cultivation

However, every solopreneur is unique, so the MASTER program is flexible enough to meet your specific needs. Elaine works with you as an individual, to put you on the path to managing your success and growing your business – while remaining a solopreneur — and without hiring employees!

If you want to spend less time worrying about profitability and more time doing what you love most in your business, MASTER is for you! If you want more time to enjoy life and LOVE your business again – MASTER is for YOU!

Take control and put your solo business on the road to manageable success by developing the skills you need to become a more effective and efficient solopreneur. Realize the benefits of having your own small business consultant. – Contact Elaine today!