Escape the To-Do List Trap: How to Take Charge of Your Time and Finally Get Things Done

Escape the To-Do List Trap: How to Take Charge of Your Time and Finally Get Things Done

How To Take Charge of Your Time & Finally Get Things Done

Feeling Overwhelmed by Your To-Do List? In this book, Elaine Quinn shares her analysis of why to-do lists don't work to get things done. She also introduces a simple alternative that does, because it switches the focus from listing tasks to doing them. This shift in mindset transforms the daunting prospect of planning your time and tasks into a manageable process. Her system deflects feelings of overwhelm, reduces the temptation to procrastinate, and prevents the habitual over-scheduling that causes so much stress. If you're ready to drop to-do lists and try a more effective way to plan your days, Quinn provides step-by-step transition instructions, as well as recommends compatible time management techniques that will work for anyone.
About the Book

Like most people, you probably make a list of what you plan to do each day. Just about everyone uses lists of one sort or another to capture miscellaneous bits and pieces they want to remember. So using a to-do list to capture tasks you want to remember seems logical. Yet, most people are not able to get through their to-do list every day. Surprised?

Despite our to-do lists, uncompleted tasks routinely spill over into the next day, and the next day, and beyond, until they simply must be done because some deadline has smacked us in the face. You may suspect there’s something wrong with you. “I need to be more efficient,” or “There’s some trick to this that I haven’t figured out.” Or even, “If I buy this day planner, or download this app, I’ll finally be able to get everything done!”

To-do list troubles are pretty much a universal experience. Now, think about that for a moment. Either something is seriously wrong with the universe… or something is seriously wrong with to-do lists. I’m convinced it’s to-do lists that are the problem! Once you read this book, you’ll see it, too.




Publisher: Calloran Publishing
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: 098332350X
ISBN: 098332350X
List Price: $9.95
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