Disorganized Paperwork?

When You’re Buried in Paperwork… My Solutions Rescue & Reorganize™ You!

Despite all the talk about paperless offices over the last 15 years, managing paper still constitutes more than 90% of all office activity. What’s shocking is that 80% of the paper we file is never looked at again! And the paper we don’t get around to filing? Piles of paper everywhere keep us from being able to think clearly, prioritize, or stay on task. Wherever we look, we’re reminded of something else we need to do. What a drag on morale!

More than half of office workers admit wasting 30 minutes or more per day looking for documents they’ve misplaced. One in three says they regularly have to reprint documents because they’ve lost the original. When you’re in business for yourself, this kind of disorganized paperwork can cost you money. You can’t afford to lose client information, miss deadlines, or pay late fees.

Every business has different needs when it comes to paperwork, so I tailor these custom consulting programs to fit your specific situation and the way you like to work.

Rescue & Reorganize™ Solution Sessions for excess paper teach simple methods for keeping paperwork under control. Depending on your situation, and what you may already be doing, they could include:

  • Where to place your inbox so mail doesn’t get lost
  • Ways to stop the flood of incoming paper
  • 5 questions that will tell you what to keep and what to toss
  • What categories of paper you should keep on your desk, not in a file drawer
  • What to do with all those business cards you’ve collected
  • Filing systems that keep themselves up to date
  • Where to keep paper you’re not ready to act on right now, so you can find it later
  • Non-traditional ways to organize paperwork
  • Why and how to coordinate your digital and paper files
  • How to make the transition to a paperless (or paper-less) office

Get out from under all that paper.

Set up a no-obligation phone call to talk about straightening out your paperwork problems. Solution Sessions start at $247, with discounts of up to 20% for multiple-session packages.


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