Endless Email?

When Your Head is About to Explode…
My Solutions End Inbox Insanity

Managing the avalanche of daily emails is the #1 complaint I hear. But email is here to stay, so when you’re working solo, you need a strategy to deal with it.

Email is admittedly a very efficient and immediate means of communication. When a client needs something, or a colleague has information to share, they send an email. And since we don’t know what’s in an email until we open it, we open it. Then we feel compelled to answer right away if only to make room for the new emails we know are coming. Besides that, online marketers send us all kinds of newsletters and free training, much of which we’re actually interested in, so it’s hard to ignore them or make ourselves unsubscribe. We don’t want to miss something important or useful.

As a result, email has become an addiction. It can take hours to wade through our inbox each day, but there doesn’t seem to be any choice. Email seduces us through the promise of something new. It disrupts our plans, interrupts our work, yet we can’t ignore it. It’s the universal annoyance everyone loves to hate. In truth, however, email is also a way to escape something that’s tiresome or difficult that we should be doing. But since there’s no one to do those tiresome and difficult tasks except us, we simply can’t let email take over our whole day!

I tailor these custom consulting programs to be exactly what you need, so triumph over email can be yours!

End Inbox Insanity™ Solution Sessions teach strategies to get control over email, whatever your specific challenges might be. Depending on your situation, and what will work for you, they might include:

  • How to use email to actually save time
  • How to keep incoming emails from interrupting your work
  • When to process email so it doesn’t get in the way of your priorities
  • How to keep others from expecting an immediate response from you
  • Ways to make sure you don’t miss the truly important emails
  • The way to eliminate emails from people who send junk and time-wasters
  • How to find “lost” emails
  • How to file emails you have handled
  • The best way to make sure others respond to your emails
  • What to do when you have so many emails you’ll never catch up

Don’t lose your mind over email!

Set up a no-obligation phone call to talk about restoring your sanity! Solution Sessions start at $247, with discounts of up to 20% for multiple-session packages.


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