When You Love What You Do, You Love Your Life!

When You Love What You Do, You Love Your Life!

There are few things in life that bring more joy than doing work you love. When we feel fulfilled and appreciated, our entire psyche undergoes a positive shift. Finding our “sweet spot,” doing work that lights us up and that others value, blurs the distinction between work and play. And when that happens, the results are often more than we could have hoped for.

I love my work because I get to help other solo business owners—solopreneurs—create a business they love and can run by themselves. Being solo gives them the freedom to shape their business into something that maximizes their enjoyment, minimizes their stress and allows them to work/play in their own way.

If they’re unsure of their direction when I begin coaching them, I often ask what they loved doing as a child. And now, if they could do anything—if money weren’t a factor and they knew they wouldn’t fail—what would they do? What I find is that most people have lost touch with their childhood self, when nothing seemed out of reach. When I help them remember and reconnect with that child, they become more confident, reaching out to new possibilities.

My friend Mark Hurwich, the founder of Concentrated Coaching, recommends actively inviting childlike play into your life to encourage spontaneity and release inhibitions. Read his recent post here. When people leave self-consciousness behind and free themselves from whatever is holding them back, their work and lives become more joyful and playful!

When you run a solo business, it’s is a non-stop continuing education program! Every day is an adventure. Without knowing what the future will bring, you do the best you can today, and make course corrections tomorrow. No sense blaming yourself for not being perfect. Thank goodness, you don’t need to be, because figuring out how to do things better is half the fun and the key to success! When you don’t take yourself too seriously, work and play interact naturally and enrich your entire life. And what more could you hope for?

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