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If You’re Ready for Change™ My Solutions Help You Find a New Direction

Sooner or later, even successful solopreneurs may discover that whatever they’ve been doing no longer brings them the same results. Bloomberg Business Week recently addressed this exact issue. They advised small businesses to be prepared to “switch gears, update business models, and reach new customers” when circumstances change:

  • New competition enters the market
  • Clients expect something more or different
  • The demographics for your service changes
  • Sometimes, you’re the one who wants a change. Your business just doesn’t seem quite right any more.

The Ready for Change™ program is a block of 6 sessions tailored to what you need. It’s for solopreneurs who realize if they want something different from their business, they need to do something different! Sometimes, they know exactly what to do; sometimes it’s not so clear. But they’re ready to talk it over with someone who can give them sound advice.

Here are stories about some recent clients:

Rita Was Turning Clients Away! (Click to read more...)

Demand for Rita’s professional organizing services had grown beyond what she could handle on her own. She found herself turning clients away! She was quite intimidated about hiring employees due to the uncertain economy and all the regulations covering employees. She didn’t know she had the option to hire help without taking on the responsibilities of employees! I taught her how to find and use qualified independent contractors to increase the number of clients she could serve. She has since been able to grow her business while remaining a solopreneur!

Tom Dreaded Networking (Click to read more...)

Tom didn’t have as much business as he needed in order for his graphic design studio to be profitable, but he was shy and uncomfortable in social situations. He dreaded the thought of going to those big networking events trying to get new clients. I helped him reframe the way he sees networking – no longer is it a high-pressure “sales” event, but simply a way to meet other solopreneurs and find out about their businesses. He avoids the “mega” networking crowds and has joined a small leads group where he has the chance to develop genuine relationships over time. He’s very good one-on-one, and as others get to know him, many discover his business is just what they need.

Linda Felt Stuck (Click to read more...)

Linda just didn’t love her coaching business any more, but wasn’t sure exactly what to do instead. Her handsome income kept her stuck where she was. We did a strategic review of all her skills and interests and rediscovered a dream she had never acted on. She built on the motivational skills she used one-on-one with her clients and added her natural talent as a performer. Now she’s a dynamic motivational speaker for corporate sales meetings. She loves what she’s doing and she’s making more money, too!

Ann Spent So Much Time Sourcing the Perfect Finishing Touches (Click to read more...)

Ann spent so much time providing VIP service to her interior design clients, that she didn’t do the networking necessary to keep her business growing. She hadn’t allowed time for this must-do activity. I helped her design an informal partnership with a business colleague that allowed them to exchange certain tasks and responsibilities so they’re each doing more of what they enjoy, and less of what they don’t. Her partner now handles details that used to eat up her days, and she takes care of administrative issues he never got to. They’re both happier and now she has time to prospect for new business.

Your situation may not be exactly the same as these examples, but whatever it is, I’ll bet I’ve dealt with something like it myself or with my clients. Fresh perspective from someone who is objective can work wonders! My goal is always to help smooth your path to success, so I tailor these custom consulting programs to you.

Don’t just keep thinking about it; take action!

Schedule your no-obligation phone call to talk about which way to go! Program includes 6 problem-solving Solution Sessions covering whatever topics you choose. Each session is approximately 90 minutes, with emails as needed in between. $1997.

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