Starting Your Business?

I Offer Smart Start™ Personal Mentoring on YOUR Timetable

When you’re just starting your business, there’s so much to do! With Smart Start™ Consulting, I personally mentor you as you discover and put into practice the basics of establishing and marketing yourself as a solopreneur. And we do this on YOUR timetable – as quickly or slowly as is comfortable for you. No one rushing you; no one holding you back.

I love helping new solopreneurs identify the marketable skills they already have, and transform them into a professional, service-oriented solopreneur business! Together, we “brand” you and your past experience so you present a strong, professional image in the marketplace right from the start. I teach you how to set goals and priorities and how to upgrade your time management skills so you don’t get overwhelmed.

In fact, I help with every step of starting your own business, sharing not only my own knowledge, but my extensive network of specialists such as attorneys, bookkeepers, web designers, etc. As a result, you dramatically shorten your learning curve and save immeasurable time and money versus finding your own way!

Here’s what you’ll accomplish during the Smart Start program:

  • DECIDE what you want from your business
  • DISPEL self-doubts, limiting beliefs and money myths
  • DEFINE your ideal client
  • DISCOVER the value you offer
  • DEVELOP your marketing plan
  • DESIGN your signature system
  • DELIVER valuable content
  • DIVERSIFY your content and services
  • DETERMINE logistics and pricing
  • DRIVE prospects to act on your message

Don’t wait another minute.

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