What Do Clients Say About Working with Elaine ?

Read for Yourself…

“Elaine has provided invaluable coaching for me. She was able to quickly help me in an area of my work where I wasn’t seeing what my next step should be. I was feeling stuck and frustrated, and through coaching, she led me to recognize much greater possibilities than I had considered.”

Lynn Meyer-O'Dowd

Owner, All About Time - Chicago, IL

“Elaine is a consummate professional with real world experience at several blue chip Fortune 100 companies. She’ll tailor her approach to your specific needs. Her depth of experience means you’ll get actionable, relevant advice you can immediately put to good use. More importantly she can tell you what dead ends to avoid which will help enhance your productivity right off the bat. I highly recommend Elaine to any entrepreneur interested in overcoming the challenges of running a small business.”

Tim Hartford

President & Owner, Hartford Design, Inc. - Chicago, IL

“It has been a pleasure to work with Elaine! Her book inspired me to be much more organized in my business. Her newsletter and blog keep me inspired. It’s not easy being a solopreneur and Elaine understands my situation and speaks to me in a way that motivates me. Don’t miss an opportunity to work with Elaine Quinn! I highly recommend her.”

Lara Nieberding

Owner, Encore Online Business Management - Salisbury, MD

“Elaine provided personalized consulting services for our library. She helped with time management, redesigned a programming/storage space for improved usage, and completely reorganized an office space. Excellent follow-through.”

Mary Pergander

Library Director, Deerfield Public Library - Deerfield, IL

“I never worked with a coach before Elaine; now I can’t imagine being without her. She helped me step back from the everyday craziness of my interior design business and look at problems more strategically. Now my perspective is so different. I see opportunities I didn’t recognize before, and I have the confidence to act on them! She has a way of knowing just what to say to keep me motivated. I recommend her highly!”

Anita Birsa

Owner, Anita Birsa Interiors - Chicago, IL

“I met Elaine just as I was starting to re-think my business. I’d been a successful graphic designer for years – mostly print media – but just didn’t love it as much as I used to. An off-hand remark to her about how much I enjoyed working in PowerPoint led to coaching that changed the entire focus of my business. Now I joyfully specialize in corporate PowerPoint infographics that are a pleasure to look at and make complex information easy for audiences to understand. I love my business again!”

Nancy Nord

Owner, Nancy Nord Design - Chicago, IL

“I met with Elaine in a coaching session to discuss my entry into the Professional Organizer industry. She had great advice but the most important piece of advice she gave was to utilize my past accounting training and experience in the Daily Money Manager area. At first I resisted as I wanted to leave that industry. However, after researching the American Association of Daily Money Managers and its goals, I realized that this was a great use of my skills. In addition to working with clients to help them organize from a business perspective, I have had the pleasure of working with other individuals to improve their financial situation. Thank you, Elaine. I would never have discovered this without your help.”

Maggie Panagakis

Owner, Strategies for Organizing - Chicago, IL

“Stepping out on my own presented a series of challenges I had not anticipated. My discussions with her provided me with a voice of calm when I was struggling to have an organized thought. She brought enthusiasm for my journey along with a broad range of expertise and provided the touch of accountability I needed. As a result of our session, I was able to step back, evaluate all the tasks at hand, and move forward in a more deliberate and strategic way. Her number is on speed dial, should I find myself spinning my wheels again!”

Connie Russell

Payments Industry Consultant, Chicago, IL